This Week’s Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Burundi Kinyangurube Gakana

I am very pleased to have this Burundi coffee here in Art Brulant.

The Kahawa Link Company (Kalico) was started in March 2012 by Burundi entrepreneurs Angèle Ciza and Consolata Ndayishimiye with the purchase of seven Wet Mill Stations in the NE part of Burundi.

Kinyangurube is one of these wet mill stations and Gakana is the origin of this particular coffee processed at that mill.

The Gakana is a well flavoured coffee with floral, caramel and spicy notes.

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This Week’s Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Roaster’s Cheer – Cuba Crystal Mountain

This weeks featured roast is rare and difficult to get. The Cuban Crystal Mountain has some similarities to the other two Cuban coffees roasted here at Art Brûlant as part of the weekly rotating feature. It seems to have some of the depth of the Caracolillo and some of the dryness of the Altura Lavado, and a bit of tobacco like both of them, but it is unique. I mention more of that here.20140408-141335.jpg

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Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: The “Vieux Arbres” a Peruvian Antiguo

Enjoying a cup at the moment. The ‘Vieux Arbres’, a Peruvian Antiguo from the provence of Chanchamayo.

I have more from that here.

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Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Nicaraguan Maracaturra

My favourite big bean is back for one last time.

Yes this is it! The last batch of the Nicaraguan Maracaturra.

A great coffee. Enjoy!

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Stretching the Legs: Various

Again this past little while the cycling has been a mixed bag. Most of it is commuting into the shop here at Art Brulant, but, for variation, some of it not so. Trying to tack some extra riding onto a daily commute does work, but sometimes you want something different. Some routes just can’t be added on.

So this past week included some different territory. I enjoyed that. Must do more!



Your standard gravel route. Approximately 85-95% of my riding is on gravel. The rest, though paved, is still on back roads. Though I am not comfortable on some of the main roads (pup trailers on logging trucks – think ‘an uncontrolled puppy dog’s tail’), someday I should try some longer paved routes. It would be nice to compare average speeds on both.




Wild Blue Flag Iris and Cinnamon Fern. Finding these in a rather wet area the mosquitos were very friendly.




Canada Anemone. I really like the way these carpet the sides and ditches on a road.





I found these wooden sculptures on a bridge en route. They were just there. Great!

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Marcio Melo – Dreamer/Rêveur: Exhibition at – chez Art Brûlant & IMPRESSIONS

Marcio 2014-Image


“The title of this exhibition “Dreamer” relates to its meaning in the large sense of the word.

By dreamer I mean the one who creates by taking ordinary situations to levels beyond reason and infusing them with unexpected possibilities of interpretation.

If you think this way, to paint is to dream.

The subject of the paintings in most cases relate directly to dream imagery, nevertheless my goal with this series is to express the contents of my inner world, which is something as an artist I think it’s important to explore and reveal.”


Marcio Melo


“Le titre de cette exposition ” Rêveur ” se rapporte à sa signification dans le sens large du mot.

Par rêveur je veux dire celui qui crée en prenant des situations ordinaires à des niveaux au-delà de la raison et les infusent avec des possibilités inattendues d’interprétation.

Si vous pensez de cette façon, peindre c’est rêver.

L’imagerie dans cette série est dans la plupart des cas directement lié à l’imagerie de rêve, pourtant mon but ici consiste à exprimer et révéler le contenu de mon monde intérieur, ce qui est quelque chose de très important pour moi comme artiste.

Marcio Melo


Marcio:       819 647 3416

Art Brûlant:       819 503 8004

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Stretching the Legs: A Mixed Bag

The past couple of weeks has been a mixed bag when it comes to riding opportunities. Heat, sun, rain, wind, etc.

One ride home I watched three storm fronts. The Northern front stayed north. The front from the South West moved on down the valley – away from me. The front from the West gave me wings, gusting winds pushing my average speed up by 10km/hr. As I turned away from that section of road the wind became wet. A waterfall.

Aside from wings, my rides have given me other things like winged attacks from Mosquitos, black flies, and deer flies. Mixed blessings, the worst of these attacks occurred here.

Yellow Lady Slipper Orchids and Bunchberry.





20140612-132511-48311227.jpgThe flowers are striking. The poison ivy was too!


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