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About Us

Sneezy Waters (aka Peter Hodgson) helped us celebrate the Grand Opening on Friday May 6th, 2011. On Saturday the 7th an exhibition of work by various artists inaugurated the new gallery space with a great selection of pieces.

Enjoy the art, enjoy the coffee. Art and coffee fresh roasted, ground and brewed go well together.

The basement houses UIS (Underground IMPRESSIONS Souterrain). The printmaking studio.

(My apologies for the French)
Nous avons ajouté! Art Brûlant est officiel!

Sneezy Waters (aka Peter Hodgson) nous a permis de célébrer l’inauguration le vendredi 6 Mai, 2011. Le samedi 7 une exposition des œuvres de divers artistes inauguré l’espace avec un grand choix. Dans le cadre de la fin de semaine cafés libre était la norme.

Art et du café frais torréfié, moulu et infusé vont bien ensemble. Venez et profitez-en!

Dans le sous-sol il y a UIS (Underground IMPRESSIONS Souterrain). L’atelier de l’estampe.


Over twenty years ago I set up my studio on our rural property in the north of the municipality of Bristol, Québec. The original studio was in an old shed. That studio has gone through a number of stages and is now in the basement of our house.

An hour’s bicycle ride from home is the village of Shawville, Québec. When the opportunity arose in the summer of 2004 I inaugurated the Shawville annex of my home studio. Like my regular studio which is  situated in the basement of my home, the new annex was also in the basement at 317 Main St . Shawville. With this Underground IMPRESSIONS Souterraines (UIS) was born — at home and in Shawville.

In November of 2007 UIS closed at 317 Main, Shawville. On May 1st, 2008 at 305-F Main, Shawville I opened the doors of IMPRESSIONS.

Now Impressions is Art Brûlant and Impressions, “A place for Art & Coffee”.

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  1. As an art and coffee lover, I look forward to following your blog.

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