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And the Featured Roast of the Week Is………..

This week’s featured roast is from the Planalto Estate in Brazil.   Another Yummmmm………….

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A Delightful, Aromatic Saturday Evening…….

Did a trip around the world this evening getting roasts ready for the coming week! Africa, Asia, Central & South America!

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Featured Roast of the Week: Sigri Plantation

As I mentioned later on Saturday evening, I did some of the roasting for this week coming. One of those batches was the featured roast of the week. This week it is coffee from the Sigri Plantation from Papua New … Continue reading

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Time to Start my Weekend……Enjoy!

The smells of fresh roasted coffee!  I just finished the roasting for this next week. It’s time to go home and start my weekend. Everybody stay safe and enjoy a cuppa’……..I know I will. See you Monday!

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Added a New Page: Tea @ Art Brûlant

Added a new page to the blog: Tea @ Art Brûlant  

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Dragonesque: Exhibition

Art Brûlant & IMPRESSIONS is hosting: Dragonesque – an exhibition of art work in various media by Kate Aley, Valerie Bridgeman, Katharine Fletcher, Tina Michaud & Dale Shutt Vernissage: November/Novembre 5, 1:00-4:00pm/13h00-16h00 Exhibition runs from November 5-26, 2011 L’exposition aura … Continue reading

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Signs of Fall……into Winter?

I find these cold, grey, wet days the worst. Having grown up where the cold is dry and the wet is warm, these days in this part of the world make this time of year difficult to deal with. If … Continue reading

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