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Morning Dog Walk: January 26, 2012

The snowshoes are noisy on the cold hardened trail Last night’s hoarfrost glistens in the hedgerows The sky, clear and cloudless, welcomes the sun by RSR

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Ice and Fire

White on black….ice and fire A winter forest in flames Sunday’s sunset By RSR

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This Weeks Featured Roast: Nicaraguan

This week’s featured roast is a Nicaraguan EHG EP. Enjoy!

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Signs of Winter….A Chickadee’s Song

Right now it is snowing again. Earlier it rained. Last night it rained, and this morning it was hard slogging on the snowshoe trails. A January “thaw” this could be but we still have plenty of snow except that now … Continue reading

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A Map of Rising Global Temperatures

Thanks Jonathon A Map of Rising Global Temperatures.

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Digging Out to Go to Work

Digging out to go to work After a night of snow and wind A clear sky is gold in the sunrise by RSR

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This Week’s Feature Roast: Santos 50/50

This week’s feature roast is actually a  50/50 blend of freshly roasted Brazilian Santos beans. Since different roast profiles bring out different flavours, putting together two different roasts of the same bean allows one the opportunity to experience a wide … Continue reading

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