This Week’s Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Ethiopian Sahama Micro-Lot Gr 1

Another coffee that has been requested for a return, the Ethiopian Sahama Micro-Lot goes to the very roots of our favourite cuppa! Tastes that are genetically some of the oldest anywhere!

I have more of this one here.

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Seasonal Hours Change – Changement des heures d’ouverture

At this time of year Fall has set in with its colours, shorter days, cooler temperatures and the early dark, it also seems that here in the Pontiac things slow down as we get ready for the cold and snow of winter. Getting ready for hibernation?

This being said the Saturday afternoons here at Art Brûlant can be very quiet. So it is time to shorten the shop hours on that day. Saturday!

So for the foreseeable future the Saturday hours will be:

10:00 am to 3:00 pm

All other hours will be the same as noted on this page.




A cette période de l’année avec ses couleurs, des jours plus courts, des températures plus fraîches et le début des années sombres, il semble aussi que ici dans Pontiac les choses  se ralentir. Se préparer pour l’hibernation?

Il est donc temps de raccourcir les heures d’atelier ce jour-là. Samedi!

Pour l’avenir prévisible les heures samedi seront:


Toutes les autres heures seront les mêmes comme indiqué sur cette page.

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Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Cuban Caracolillo

For those of you who have been asking for another Cuban coffee the Cuban Caracolillo is back. If you want more information on these little power packed rugby balls try this.

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Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Yemen Mocha Ismaili

Another Yemen Mocha to savour. The Yemen Mocha Ismaili is the latest of the featured roasts here at Art Brûlant. Tiny little beans with a great deal going for them.

I have previously talked a little about the history of coffee in Yemen, as it refers to the other Yemen coffee that we carry, the Yemen Mocha Mattari. You will find some of that here and here. The Yemen Mocha Mattari was also a part of the blend that made up our last feature the Mocha Java Re-Take.

One of the highest grown coffees in Yemen, at altitudes of over 2000 metres (6000 – 7000 ft), the Ismaili is one of the countries most coveted. Even locally!

This is a coffee with great complexity. Not the sweetest, but rather spicy, full flavours.

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We are back with “Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Re-take on a Classic – Mocha Java”

After a couple of weeks of “shutdown” here I trust you are not too coffee deprived!

Any way we are back and for the feature roast are offering Art Brulant’s take on the classic Mocha Java, the Mocha Java Re-take.


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Reminder/Un rappel – Fermeture annuelle d’automne – 2016 – Annual Fall Shutdown

A reminder of the Fermeture annuelle d’automne –  2016 –  Annual Fall Shutdown here at Art Brûlant.

During that time you can still find our coffee in bean form at local grocery stores as listed here. These coffees are in sealed bags so if you need to grind them there in the shop bring something to cut open the top or ask at the counter.

As pictured below. Brazil Santos Dark Roast, Pontiac Joe (a blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans) and Espresso Blend #15.


Un rappel de la Fermeture annuelle d’automne –  2016 –  Annual Fall Shutdown ici Art Brûlant.

Pendant ce temps, vous pouvez toujours trouver notre café en grains dans les épiceries locales comme indiqué ici. Ces cafés sont dans des sacs scellés, donc si vous avez besoin de les moudre là dans le magasin apporter quelque chose à couper ouvrir le haut ou demander au comptoir.

Comme illustré ici. Brasil Santos Corsé, Pontiac Joe (un mélange de grains brésiliens et éthiopiens) et Mélange espresso # 15.

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Fermeture annuelle d’automne – 2016 – Annual Fall Shutdown

The Annual Fall Shutdown for 2016 will soon be here at Art Brûlant. It always happens in the two weeks after Labour Day.

For 2016 Labour Day takes place on September 5th. So for the Shutdown and your coffee needs during that period keep these dates in mind:

September 4th to the 20th, 2016, inclusive / 4 au 20 septembre, 2016, inclusivement

L’arrêt d’automne annuel pour 2016 sera bientôt ici, à Art Brûlant. Il arrive toujours dans les deux semaines après la fête du Travail.

Pour 2016 la fête du Travail a lieu le 5 Septembre. Donc, pour l’arrêt et de vos besoins de café au cours de cette période garder ces dates à l’esprit:

September 4th to the 20th, 2016, inclusive / 4 au 20 septembre, 2016, inclusivement

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