Beyond the Bag 2015 – Au delà du sac 2106 : Exhibition at – chez Art Brûlant

Welcome to the sixth version of “Beyond the Bag” here at Art Brûlant & Impressions.

The first showing of this exhibit was in May 2011 in order to celebrate the opening of the coffee annex at the shop.

Beyond the Bag 2016

Coffee Bag Art / Art fait avec des sacs de café

Au delà du sac 2016

Vernissage le 7 Mai / May 7 2016 – 13h00 – 16h00

Exposition aura lieu du 7-28 Mai, 2016 / Exhibition will run May 7-28, 2016


Beyond the Bag 2016Text-web

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Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Another Cuban – Cuban Crystal Mountain!

We are moving around in Cuba here at Art Brûlant. From the unique to the rare. From the Caracolillo to Crystal Mountain. Considered by some the crème de la crème of Cuban coffees. It is nice to have it up for the feature again.*

I have a fuller description here.


N.B. The date on the bag above is from 2015. For this present batch of Crystal Mountain it is  19.04.16. Yesterday!

*It also means I can have some too!

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Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Cuban Caracolillo

An old favourite is back. The Cuban Caracolillo! For more try this.

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Les Géants sympatiques/The Friendly Giants: Exhibition at – chez Art Brûlant

BR 8-web

Les  Géants sympatiques

Rencontres avec des rorquals à bosse

The Friendly Giants

Encounters with Humpback Whales


Barry Stemshorn

Vernissage le 9 Avril/April 9, 2016
13h00 – 16h00

L’exposition aura lieu 9-30 Avril 2016
The Exhibition will run April 9-30, 2016

Barry Stemshorn April 2016-text


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Easter Weekend & Shop Shawville/Fin de semaine de Pâques & Shop Shawville

This coming weekend is Easter Weekend and Art Brûlant will be closed both Friday and Saturday as well its usual Sunday through Tuesday (March 25-29, 2016).

So what about the Shop Shawville event this weekend? Though Art Brûlant will be closed the good people at Cafe 349 (who will be open for the event) have agreed to allow Art Brûlant to participate in absentia and vicariously through them. There will be a draw held at Cafe 349 for a 1 lb (454g) bag of Art Brûlant coffee along with a whole cheesecake from Cafe 349!




Cette fin de semaine est fin de semaine de Pâques et Art Brûlant sera fermé le vendredi et le samedi ainsi que son habitude dimanche au mardi (Mars 25-29, 2016).
Alors que sur l’événement Boutique Shawville ce fin de semaine? Bien que Art Brûlant sera fermé les bonnes personnes au Café 349 (qui sera ouvert pour l’événement) ont accepté d’autoriser Art Brûlant à participer à défaut et par procuration à travers eux. Il y aura un tirage au sort au café 349 pour un 1 livre (454g) sac de café de Art Bûlant avec tout un gâteau au fromage!

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This Week’s Featured Roast & Updates/Torréfaction de la semaine

First of all This Week’s Featured Roast! I have had some requests for the Mocha-Java Retake a blend of the Yemen Mocha Mattari, the Indian Monsooned Malabar and the Indian Kaapi Royale Robusta. Yes a Robusta, and before we slam this because of the Robusta content read the original description here, or come in and get some beans!

Now for the updates.

Some seem to think that Art Brûlant is not open for business enough! Well getting your Art Brulant coffee has just become easier. As many know The Cafe 349 here in Shawville serves a great cup of coffee made of beans roasted here at Art Brûlant. The Valu Mart, also here in Shawville, carries a selection of 1lb/454g bags of Art Brûlant beans. And as of this morning the Marché Septemb in Campbell’s Bay also carries a selection of those 1lb/454g bags of Art Brûlant beans.

And now something new for espresso fans, both Valu Mart and Marché Septemb carry the new blend Espresso Blend # 15*. Valu Mart and Marché Septemb also carry the usual offerings of Brazil Santos Dark and Pontiac Joe (a blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans).


*This espresso blend will also work well as a regular coffee, but like the house espresso blends and the Mocha-Java Retake the beans included are there to high light the espresso brewing method. The addition of some Robusta bean content for flavour and the creme are an example of this.

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This Week’s Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Ethiopian Sahama Gr 1

We have a brand new coffee on offer for this week’s feature. It is an Ethiopian Sahama Micro-Lot. For those who have liked the flavours found in other Ethiopian coffees we have had here you will appreciate the Sahama. The flavour profile in this coffee is quite broad. Lots of fruit as well as caramel and light chocolate.

Like the Kaffa Wild Harvest coffee  the Sahama comes from the Kaffa region of Ethiopia. It also is sourced from wild coffee tree varieties grown at 1700m. The processing is sun-dried full-natural, which means that the fruit (cherry) is left to dry on the seed (bean) before separating the cherry from the bean. This way of processing adds dried fruit sweetness flavours to the fully processed bean.

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