FYI: Weekend closure

FYI, the weekend of November 25 & 26 Art Brûlant will be closed two additional days. Aside from the normal Sunday to Tuesday, the shop will be closed Friday and Saturday.

That is Friday and Saturday November 24 & 25 respectively.

Thank you.

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Coffeeneuring Challenge

Something that combines coffee with other things. Like cycling! A great combination if I might say. The 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge  as organized by Chasing Mailboxes (where you will find much more on cycling – and coffee too!).

I found the Coffeeneuring Challenge can also be combined with one’s interest in the out-of-doors and the natural places in our region.

My participation in the Coffeeneuring Challenge of 2016 for me was just such.


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National Coffee Day (U.S.A.) September 29th, 2017


This great posting by author Nicholas Conley, Grind Those Coffee Beans, National Coffee Day Has Arrived, September 29, 2017, reminded me of this.

So to celebrate “the bean” along with our southern neighbours I decided to listen to some Coffee Songs.

Edit: I have been informed that for the rest of us (non U.S.A.), this is also “International” as per the International Coffee Organization (ICO). Thanks.

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Exhibition at – exposition chez Art Brûlant : CPAWS-OV – 2017 Dumoine River Art Camp/Camp des artistes de la rivière Dumoine


Dumoine River Art Camp

Camp des artistes de la rivière Dumoine


Art Brûlant will be hosting work done at the Art Camp

Vernissage: samedi le 7 octobre / Saturday, October 7, 2017, 13h00 – 16h00

L’exposition aura lieu du 7 – 21 octobre, 2017 / The exhibition will run October 7 -21, 2017

For more information on the camp and the participating artists check out the CPAWS-OV website.

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We Are Back: Fermeture annuelle d’automne – 2017 – Annual Fall Shutdown

The Annual Fall and Winter (January) shutdowns allow me to do some much needed extra maintenance on the machinery I use here in Art Brûlant. I appreciate the patience and understanding during that time from those who avail themselves of the fresh roasted coffee and loose teas we provide.

This year after the maintenance was finished I took some down time as well. Out and About.  Some sight seeing close to home.

Thanks for your patronage.


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LBS Gravel Battle Part Deux

Today is the day for the LBS Gravel Battle Part Deux.

130.6km with 1439m of climbing through the back routes north of Shawville here. Only 5km of pavement!

Art Brûlant was the staging point for the cyclists participating in the ride. A chance to fuel-up with a double espresso before departing. It will also finish here.  You can follow the route from the GPS link provided on the Gravel Planet site.

All the best to the riders. Stay safe!

Some of the photos on “Beyond the Back Door” were taken on sections of the route — in various seasons.

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Reminder: Fermeture annuelle d’automne – 2017 – Annual Fall Shutdown


Details here!

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