“Art” at Art Brûlant: What’s Up? — Addendum!

Something else on the ‘artsy’ creative side of things that is now here at Art Brûlant is this.


Yes, I know it doesn’t quite have the presence of those big screens in the sports bars, but it does rotate images of spaces, landscapes, objects and places from here in the region. Right now the series of images are intended to coincide with the present exhibition of art work on the walls. There will be others.

These rotating images are also a part of the project  “Beyond the Back Door”.

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“Art” at Art Brûlant: What’s Up?

Things continue to evolve here at Art Brûlant. Although the number of actual art exhibits has been reduced there is always a rotating selection of art on the walls.

There are also a number of group exhibitions to look forward to. There will be the Art Pontiac Residency Programme Exhibit in August. This is always a great show for high lighting interesting techniques and ideas. Right here in the Pontiac!

Another interesting exhibit to look forward to will be a focus on the Dumoine River by CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) and their Summer 2017 Dumoine River Art Camp.  Artists!!!! Watch the deadline for participation submissions to this.

In the meantime there will be other art on the walls here at Art Brûlant.

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Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Big Bean!

That BIG bean, the Nicaraguan Maracaturra has come around for its turn. Big bean, Big Flavour.

For more on this coffee look here.

Just a reminder to use the search function on this site if you want more information on any coffee that we have carried here at Art Brûlant.

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Easter Schedule/Horaires de Pâque

Please note that during the Easter Weekend this April Art Brûlant will be closed from Good Friday (April 14, 2017) to the following Tuesday (April 17, 2017).

Thank you



Se il vous plaît noter que pendant le fin de semaine de Pâques en Avril Art Brûlant seront fermés du Vendredi Saint (14 Avril, 2017) au mardi suivant (17 Avril, 2017).



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Coffee Stuff: Look What We Found!




I haven’t read this one. Was wondering who has, or even seen the original play?

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Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Cuban Caracolillo

From the same region of Cuba as our last feature, the Cuban Crystal Mountain, we have the Cuban Caracolillo. If you want more information on these little power packed rugby balls try this.

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This Week’s Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Cuba Crystal Mountain

This time round we have the Cuban Crystal Mountain on offer. The crême de la crême of Cuban coffee. More on it here.

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