Coffee/Café @ Art Brûlant

I roast on a regular basis. This means that what I do have is available for purchase as whole or ground beans, by the half or whole pound.

I try to have a “regular” listing of coffees available on a consistent basis. This listing can vary and may change from time to time depending on the availability of a given coffee from my suppliers. Sometimes they just don’t have a particular bean in stock for the moment. So please verify with Art Brulant.

Regular listing
The following are at present consistently available:

  • Indian Monsoon Malabar UTZ Certified – Dark
  • Brazilian Santos – Dark and Blond
  • Burundi Muyinga Murago – Med/Dark
  • Colombia Excelso Decaf – Dark
  • Costa Rican Tarrazu “La Pastora” Cooperative – Blond
  • Bali “Blue Moon” – Dark

I also feature coffees that are not on the regular listing. The feature may be another single origin coffee or an in-house blend. These coffees are roasted weekly on constantly rotating basis.

Weekly Features have included the likes of:

  • Planalto Plantation coffee from Brazil
  • Sigri Plantation coffee from Papau New Guinea
  • Cuban Serrano Superior
  • Cuban Altura Lavado
  • Grand Cru de Beaumont from Haiti
  • Ethiopian Djimmah
  • Tanzanian Pea Berry
  • Tanzanian AB Shangri La Estate
  • Hawaiian Kauai Pea Berry
  • Ugandan Bugisu
  • Nicaraguan SHG EP
  • Sumatran Blue Tawar
  • Yemen Mocha Mattari
  • La Horqueta – Costa Rican Micro-Lot
  • Zimbabwe AB Salimba Estate
  • Cuban Caracodillo
  • Peru Antiguo Vieux Arbres Chanchamayo
  • Nicaragua SC 20 Maracatu UTZ

All of these coffees have their individual characteristics and it is fun to try and bring out those characteristics in the roasting. I am always looking into bringing in other types of beans.


From the listing of coffees here it is apparent that I carry mainly single source beans, and the roasting is done according to each individually.

As for blending I make no claims to being experienced in this, but I have been playing with a House Espresso Blend. This particular blend is done with beans I roast specifically for the blend. They are first roasted individually and then blended rather than roasting pre-blended green beans. I do this because, for my taste, the beans I use in the blend have individual flavours that need individual attention. Once the beans are roasted I blend them using proportions designed to make the flavours and qualities of those individual beans work together as a blend.

Espresso Blend #12, used the following beans:

  • Ugandan and Indian Kaapi Royale Robustas – for the Crema, edge and a bit of pepper
  • Ethiopian Djimmah and Yergacheffee- for those African highs, citrus and chocolate tones
  • Costa Rican Tarrazu – for more of those fruity highs
  • Brazilian Santos – for base, smoothness and nutty tones
  • Bali “Paradise Valley” for it’s depth and richness

In an attempt for a smoother result I have ended up with the present blend. Espresso Blend #14.

Espresso Blend #14, used the following beans:

  • Indian Monsooned Robusta – for the creme, some edge though the Monsooning process mellows this out.
  • Indian Monsooned Malabar – again for the mellowing smoothness that the Monsooning process seems to impart. Some nice nuttiness too.
  • Brazilian Santos – as a base and for its smoothness and nutty tones
  • Bali “Blue Moon” – for depth and earthiness
  • Burundi – for its fruity high notes


Coffee by the Cup

Aside from coffee by the bag, coffee by the cup is also available. Here at Art Brûlant freshness is very important. There are no carafes sitting staying warm. All coffee is served fresh roasted, fresh ground and fresh brewed whether it be an Espresso, Pour-over, a French Press or iced.

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