Seasonal Days/Hours

As we approach the Holiday Season, Year’s End and the New Year we need to plan for this period. I trust the following information will allow you to do that. Also included are the dates for the Annual January Shutdown and the Winter Hours for ART BRÜLANT in 2018

Regular Hours: December/Décembre 1 – 30 (Dec 24-26 is my regular weekend with the roast day on Tuesday the 26)

Hours of Operation
Wednesday to Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Heures d’ouverture
Mercredi – Vendredi: 10h00 -17h00
Samedi: 10h00 -15h00

Annual January Closure / Fermetures annuelle de janviér

December/Décembre 31, 2017 – January/Janviér 16 (inclusive)

Winter Hours 2018 / Heures d’ouverture d’hiver 2018

Wednesday to Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Mercredi – Vendredi: 10h00 -16h00
Samedi: 10h00 -15h00

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Coffee and Bikes!


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Just remember this week is very short here at Art Brûlant. Reminder!



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Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Haitian Blue Mountain

I would like to welcome a new coffee to our little roasterie here at Art Brûlant.  A Haitian coffee. Now Haitian coffee is very special, but this is even more so.

This coffee is a Haitian Blue  from one of the oldest cooperatives in Haiti, the Coopacvod cooperative. At this time it is the only Arabica Blue Mountain being exported from Haiti. It is also Haiti’s only certified Organic Coffee.

So what does it mean to say that this is ‘Haitian Blue Mountain’? Simply that this coffee comes from trees that are of the same varietal as grown in the region of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The soil and growing conditions are also similar.

We have only had Haitian coffee once here,  the rare Haitian Grande Cru de Beaumont. It was exceptional. This is as well.

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FYI: Weekend closure

FYI, the weekend of November 25 & 26 Art Brûlant will be closed two additional days. Aside from the normal Sunday to Tuesday, the shop will be closed Friday and Saturday.

That is Friday and Saturday November 24 & 25 respectively.

Thank you.

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Coffeeneuring Challenge

Something that combines coffee with other things. Like cycling! A great combination if I might say. The 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge  as organized by Chasing Mailboxes (where you will find much more on cycling – and coffee too!).

I found the Coffeeneuring Challenge can also be combined with one’s interest in the out-of-doors and the natural places in our region.

My participation in the Coffeeneuring Challenge of 2016 for me was just such.


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National Coffee Day (U.S.A.) September 29th, 2017


This great posting by author Nicholas Conley, Grind Those Coffee Beans, National Coffee Day Has Arrived, September 29, 2017, reminded me of this.

So to celebrate “the bean” along with our southern neighbours I decided to listen to some Coffee Songs.

Edit: I have been informed that for the rest of us (non U.S.A.), this is also “International” as per the International Coffee Organization (ICO). Thanks.

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