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Diet ‘can stop brain shrinking’….Junk Food Doesn’t Help!

BBC News – Alzheimer’s: Diet ‘can stop brain shrinking’.

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Cycles: Virgin to Old Man to Virgin….

So I have already posted a couple of things re the New Year, but something that I have been saving is a look at a local flowering vine that has two different names. In this case the one name refers … Continue reading

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Happy New Year…The Best for 2012

Happy New Year………The Best for 2012 Thanks, Raymond Sander-Regier

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Top Six Food Politics Lessons Learned in 2011

Some lessons for us here in Canada too! Nancy Huehnergarth: Top Six Food Politics Lessons Learned in 2011.

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Offering More then One Year Ago! Bravo to you!

Well, 2011 has been quite a year. We seem to have had our share of life altering events. The Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street Movements, financial instability on a global scale, Wicki-Leaks, the continuing Gulf Oil Spill story, Canada’s … Continue reading

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Signs of Winter…..I think it is here!

For the past couple of months with the swings towards the warmer side of the thermometer and no snow to speak of we have wondered if winter would come at all. Despite the official date (December 21) having come and … Continue reading

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A Quiet Christmas….Stocking Stuffers Exhibit here ’till the 31st!

This was the first Christmas season that the Art Brûlant part of the shop has been open. It has been nice to see everyone and being able to offer nice coffees and teas for this time of the year. You … Continue reading

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I’m a Sucker!

A dark winter solstice of snow, rain and ice The morning after dawns calm and soft in rose, aquamarine and gold I’m a sucker for the “bright morning after”! by RSR

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Supersized market economy, supersized belly

One more reason to support slow food, slow money and eat as local as possible! How does one do “coffee” on this? Supersized market economy, supersized belly: Wealthier nations have more fast food and more obesity.

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You Asked for It…..Biscotti!

During the month of November the requests for our house Biscotti dwindled and so being the lazy *** that I am, I did not bake any  for awhile. Recently you have been kind enough to remind me that you wanted … Continue reading

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