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The Morning Dog Walk- August 23, 2012. Always the Same, Never the Same

Overcast or clear Blowing snow, rain or fog Field, hedgerow, forest or creek Barefoot, in gumboots or on snowshoes Canada Geese, Woodcock, or Ruffed Grouse Spring flowers or fall colours In blossom or in fruit The Morning Dog Walk – … Continue reading

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The Snipe and Woodcock Aren’t Flying

Tonight The Woodfrogs and Spring Peepers aren’t singing The Snipe and Woodcock aren’t flying either The wind is from the north west and it is cold by RSR

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Early Evening……..

The creek is running high Wood Frogs, Chorus Frogs and Spring Peepers Woodcock and Snipe in courtship flight Early evening in early spring by RSR

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Moon Shadow and Frog Song

Moon shadow and frog song A Woodcock’s circling flight Riding home from work by RSR

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Peepers by Moonlight

With the after hours roasting I did last night I didn’t leave here very early. By the time I turned off the main road the remaining light from the setting sun was gone. To my delight the moon was almost … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring……….Arrivals and Wakeups

This past weekend was busy at our place with new arrivals and wakeups. That good ole’ spring thunder storm was a literal “wakeup” for Monday! A Ruffed Grouse was calling from west of the house this morning as I left … Continue reading

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