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Easter Weekend & Shop Shawville/Fin de semaine de Pâques & Shop Shawville

This coming weekend is Easter Weekend and Art Brûlant will be closed both Friday and Saturday as well its usual Sunday through Tuesday (March 25-29, 2016). So what about the Shop Shawville event this weekend? Though Art Brûlant will be … Continue reading

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Stretching the Legs

It has been nice to have access to routes that had been denied us because of winter’s doings. I will need to get the fly-rod ready! More flowers!?

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First Day of Spring/Last Day of Winter………Lest We Forget!

First Day of Spring/ Day of Winter………Lest We Forget!  It would seem that we have been reminded that the season is not over!

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The Morning Dog Walk- August 23, 2012. Always the Same, Never the Same

Overcast or clear Blowing snow, rain or fog Field, hedgerow, forest or creek Barefoot, in gumboots or on snowshoes Canada Geese, Woodcock, or Ruffed Grouse Spring flowers or fall colours In blossom or in fruit The Morning Dog Walk – … Continue reading

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Morning Dog Walk: Sunday April 29, 2012……..Winter still hangs on

The sun is bright, the Trilliums are budding and the White Throated Sparrow is singing But the wind is from the North and is cold, there is frost in the moss, and ice covers the marsh Winter still hangs on … Continue reading

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Spring Nights Belong to Lovers!

Spring nights belong to lovers A thousand voices screaming their passion The Snipe Whooping it up with the Creeeeaking Chorus Frogs, The Peeeeeeping Spring Peepers, the Quacking Wood Frogs by RSR

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Early Evening……..

The creek is running high Wood Frogs, Chorus Frogs and Spring Peepers Woodcock and Snipe in courtship flight Early evening in early spring by RSR

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Signs of Spring……Spring Rain

It is wet out there. Cool (tho not cold!) and wet. Good Duck weather and the Peepers, Tree and Leopard Frogs are going to love it. Good for the garden. Time for a good book and a cup of coffee.

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Signs of Spring……Catching Up

This post has bee a little while coming. With the preparation work going on here at Art Brûlant I have been putting this off. I decided that I better get on with it before summer arrives (think it will?). This … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring……Oooooh Sweeeet Canada, Canada

I think some are wondering of Spring will ever come. It does seem a little slow, but there are still signs despite the onslaught of contrary “signs” The first bird I heard this morning – well before actual sunrise, was … Continue reading

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