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Loren Eiseley: The Dance of the Frogs

I will not call myself a writer (then why the blog?). Except for the occasional short poem I prefer to express my self visually. I do like to read though. I might even refer to it as vice. A good … Continue reading

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Spring Nights Belong to Lovers!

Spring nights belong to lovers A thousand voices screaming their passion The Snipe Whooping it up with the Creeeeaking Chorus Frogs, The Peeeeeeping Spring Peepers, the Quacking Wood Frogs by RSR

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The Snipe and Woodcock Aren’t Flying

Tonight The Woodfrogs and Spring Peepers aren’t singing The Snipe and Woodcock aren’t flying either The wind is from the north west and it is cold by RSR

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Early Evening……..

The creek is running high Wood Frogs, Chorus Frogs and Spring Peepers Woodcock and Snipe in courtship flight Early evening in early spring by RSR

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Peepers by Moonlight

With the after hours roasting I did last night I didn’t leave here very early. By the time I turned off the main road the remaining light from the setting sun was gone. To my delight the moon was almost … Continue reading

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