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National Coffee Day (U.S.A.) September 29th, 2017

This great posting by author Nicholas Conley, Grind Those Coffee Beans, National Coffee Day Has Arrived, September 29, 2017, reminded me of this. So to celebrate “the bean” along with our southern neighbours I decided to listen to some Coffee Songs. Edit: I … Continue reading

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This Week’s Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Ethiopian Sahama Micro-Lot Gr 1

This wild-harvest Ethiopian Coffee has made it around as the feature again. The last in the green until I order more! Drink some history, and remember, this type of coffee may be the first to suffer as a result of … Continue reading

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Stretching the Legs: Coffeeneuring x Two

This past weekend the weather cooperated and I was able to get in two Coffeeneuring trips for Chasing Mailboxes 2014 Coffeeneuring Challenge. Sunday and Monday (my weekend). Coffeeneuring Coffee # 4. Sunday was a trip to Trish and Michael’s. Trish … Continue reading

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Albert Collins : Snowed In! (Not a Coffee Song)

This winter has been touch and go. A number of times I was afraid that I wouldn’t be making it in to the shop. Albert Collins, the Iceman, seems to have understood some of this. With albums and song titles … Continue reading

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Garry Moore: Stormy Monday ….. (Wednesday is worse!)

I have wanted to post this for awhile but I am never here in the shop on Monday, but listening to the lyrics it still works…. “Call it stormy Monday, Tuesday is just as bad, Wednesday is worse………”

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Closing Time!

Finished for the week……extra roasting, etc! Time to close. Tom Waits “Closing Time”

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More on the “Coffee & Music” Front!

Though I couldn’t find a song that deals with coffee (and there may well be one) by the band “The Lovin Spoonful”, they apparently came up with the name for their band from a line in the song “Coffee Blues” … Continue reading

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