This Week’s Featured Roast/Torréfaction de la semaine: Ethiopian Sahama Gr 1

This weeks featured roast has only been on this list once before. The Ethiopian Sahama Microlot is a coffee to savour while contemplating the history that brought that flavour to your cup. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Sahama is in the region of Kaffa that gave us the name of “coffee”.  As a wild harvested coffee you are sampling tastes that have their sources in some of the oldest traditions in the world. The importance of this region historically as well as in terms of the future of coffee is not to be underestimated.

I have more information on the Sahama here.

About Art Brûlant

Artist and Coffee Roaster who likes the outdoors, cycling and fly fishing and also operates "Art Brûlant" a coffee place with space for Art.
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