Featured Roast: A New Turn for a Yergacheffe

For this week’s featured roast I am trying something different. I may even be going out on a limb with this one. This week’s feature is a light-medium roasted Ethiopian Yergacheffe.

Most of my clients here at Art Brûlant seem to prefer a darker, heavier flavoured roast. As a result I do offer a couple of lighter roasts, but the majority of beans roasted here range from a dark-medium to a dark (but no extra-darks!).

This is fine, “each to their own taste”, but as with most foods there is always more than one way. In roasting the Yergacheffe this way I have worked at enhancing the natural sweetness of the bean, as well as the fruity citrus flavours. Those fruity citrus flavours are part of the traditional “Yergacheffe” profile. A nice sweet lime with hints of cocoa and caramel.

This roast will be nice as a lighter coffee brewed with a French Press or filter*. I highly recommend this as a roast for espresso. The intensity of the espresso brew will make those flavours shine.

*If brewing for a regular coffee I would recommend using a bit more per cup and a slightly finer grind than usual.

About Art Brûlant

Artist and Coffee Roaster who likes the outdoors, cycling and fly fishing and also operates "Art Brûlant" a coffee place with space for Art.
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