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Something for Black Fly Season: Zebra stripes & biting flies

Maybe I should be looking for a black & white striped shirt for trout season! BBC Nature – Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting flies at bay.

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Cost of Coffee From Single-Serve Systems-Much Higher!

The cost of single-serve coffee systems makes the cost of coffee much higher than even the more expensive coffees. And then there is the environmental cost of the packaging! Cost of Coffee From Single-Serve Systems – Graphic – NYTimes.com.

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How Many of these for a Demi-Tasse? Thimble size coffee maker

New meaning for “I’ll have a double”! Thimble size coffee maker – Superbarista Alliance Australia – Barista Resource.

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Morning Dog Walk: February 9, 2012

Blue Jays and hoarfrost in the Tamaracks On a hard packed trail I walk into the sunrise Through the trees behind me a full moon is setting by RSR

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