“Signs of Summer”…..Skunks, Racoons, Ground Hogs and Ducks!

With the Summer Solstice behind us I debated what to title this post. My apologies for the lack of creativity, but “Signs of Summer” it is.

Riding home yesterday the wildlife seemed to be taking in the beginning of summer as well. The PPJ Trail was the place to be. I surprised a Racoon along side of the trail. It dove for cover as I went by with no engine to announce my presence. When I spied a Skunk walking the trail I was almost wishing that I did have an engine to announce me. I managed to let him know I was coming in time. Later a Ground Hog didn’t hear me coming and feeling cornered tried the “threatening” approach. No mishaps though.

That reminds me of the Grouse that attacked me on my bike and the Skunk that I ran over with both wheels! I will try and avoid that.

I must add a note on Yesterday’s morning ride since I am writing about wildlife encounters. On the northern end of Magic Road I had a bird pull out in front of me and start doing a broken wing act. I have encountered this with Grouse, Snipe and other birds. At first I thought that this was a Grouse, but it seemed bigger and the wrong shape. Turns out it was a female Wood Duck with fledgelings to lead me away from.

Since she was “leading” me in the direction I was riding we went for awhile. I followed her for about a half kilometre before she decided I was far enough away from her young for safety. At one point as I came over the crest of a rise she was waiting for me. She then continued on with her act as I came in view.

This mornings ride I encountered more raccoons and the Deer Flies were intense despite my efforts to mitigate that.


About Art Brûlant

Artist and Coffee Roaster who likes the outdoors, cycling and fly fishing and also operates "Art Brûlant" a coffee place with space for Art.
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