Signs of Spring….Still coming!

I have sat down a couple of times to write a new “Signs of Spring” and have found the subject matter gone! I am going to try again.

In the garden:

  • The Iris’ have started blooming
  • As have the Poppies

In the wild:

  • The Wild Blue Flag Iris’ have started blooming in earnest. We had some down at the bottom of the yard at the edge of a gully and it seams as if something more “muscular” has over come them.
  • I finally got so tired of not keeping up to the “lawn” I took a scythe to it. I have been told it looks like a couple of goats got to it.
  • It has been warm enough that when I walk the dog she wants to take the detour that goes by the creek. I would like to cool off like that too, but exposing skin for the sake of that could get bloody!
  • The Mosquitos are also out in earnest!

About Art Brûlant

Artist and Coffee Roaster who likes the outdoors, cycling and fly fishing and also operates "Art Brûlant" a coffee place with space for Art.
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