Signs of Spring……Prunus…..Prunus

One of my favourite sights at this time of year are the blooming of the wild Plum trees and thickets. In this area I understand the most common form of plum is the Canada Plum or Prunus Nigra. We see them all over the place and this year seems to be especially good for the blooms.

A number of years ago in a flurry of planting native flowers, shrubs and trees we planted a couple of plums of a different sort. I think that these are the Prunus Americanis (I think…) and are found more often further south. Although they do grow as small trees or in thickets, they do have a slightly different form when compared to the Canada Plum, and their blooms tend to come out a little later than the Canada Plum.

Yesterday I was walking down at the SE end of the garden and became aware of a sweet honey-like aroma. I looked up and too my right and there it was. The American Plum was in full bloom like it never has before.


About Art Brûlant

Artist and Coffee Roaster who likes the outdoors, cycling and fly fishing and also operates "Art Brûlant" a coffee place with space for Art.
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